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Your vehicle's suspension system is something you might have never heard about, or don’t know enough about and because of that, we take it for granted. However, your suspension system is actually what supports your car, and with no support there is no car, and then you have a real problem. So let’s ensure that your suspension stays intact by having it maintained. 


After years of supporting several tons of metal year after year your suspension is bound to wear out and that's where suspension repair and maintenance are important. A common myth about a car's suspension is that it is mainly about having a smooth ride, when in fact your suspension can affect the ability to control your vehicle, especially when it comes to stopping and turning. As this system is critical in keeping you and your passengers safe and comfortable when driving it's in our best interest to keep your suspension in a good working condition.


Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Repair

So, how does one know when your suspension needs maintenance? There are several tell tale signs when you need to bring your can in for suspension maintenance and repairs.

Get a Suspension Service if: 

  • Every 50,000 miles

  • Every year - regardless of the miles - age causes the deterioration of your system.

  • Unusual bouncy or harsh ride

  • Vibration at any speed 

  • Unusual noise in the front end of your car when going over bumps

  • Unexpected noise when turning the steering wheel 

  • Steering wheel is no longer alighted straight

  • Your vehicle drifts left or right when driving in a straight line 

  • Uneven tire wear

  • You observe fluid leaks under the front of your car 

  • Car sways, feels loose or wanders when driving 

  • When your tires have been replaced - worn parts can reduce your tires longevity

  • When your brake system is serviced

  • If you find fluid leaking where you parked

  • Anytime your vehicle is in for a routine service

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, book an appointment or call us today! Don’t remember the last time your suspension was inspected? Check your miles and next time you are out for a drive lookout for these signs.   



Tire sales and installation

Tire Rotation and balancing

Wheel alignments

Air pressure checks

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor



Systems) Repair and service

Shock and Strut replacement



and repairs

Suspension component replacement



and repairs (such as tie rods, control



arms, sway bar links, etc…)

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