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Current Promotions

Service Discount Card

Our most recent promotional product, the Service Discount Card rewards you with a discount of $25 on 4 services out of the 10 listed on the back of the card. You can use this card over several of your vehicles or just one, Its up to you! 

You can purchase this card in our store for $25.

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For a $10 off discount, share our Service Discount Card  or Our First Time Customer Promotion Publicly on Facebook! To receive your discount, show us your share and get $10 off your next service or repair. 

Look at this step by step guide on how and what to share! 

First Time Customer 

For all of our new and first time customers we are offering you a complementary windshield Water repellent treatment, in which, we will apply a glass water repellent to your front windshield to improve your vehicles wet weather driving visibility.  Just watch as the raindrops fly off your windshield! 

No purchase necessary

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Monthly Promotions

Every month we come out with a new promotion that saves you money! Check out our promotions for the current and future months down below! 


For the entire month of October we are offering a special on our Coolant Exchange Service. For this special we are lowing our price of $159 to $129. With this service we will test your coolant fluid to make sure it is up to manufacturer standards. We will also check for cracked/worn hoses and radiator leaks as well as test the performance of your heating system & thermostat. 


Have any questions or want to book your appointment now? 


Don't want to get stuck on a cold morning with a car that wont start? Take advantage of our November Battery Check and Protection service Special for only $29.99! This special will include:

  • A battery test for voltage levels and battery life. 

  • Checking the alternator for proper voltage output under load. 

  • Checking the starter voltage during operation to ensure it functions properly. 

  • Install terminal pads and coat connection points with a protective overlay to help prevent further corrosion. 

2nd - 30th

Have questions or want to know more about this special? Call us or check out our new page on Charging systems to learn the signs of when you need your battery serviced. 

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