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Is My Car A/C Leaking?

An A/C (also known as a Refrigerant) leak is the most common sign why your A/C is blowing hot air . You may experience the air temp not getting cold enough, or only one vent blowing cold air. Once your a/c system loses enough refrigerant, you may not experience any cool air at all.


Signs your car's A/C is leaking:

  • A/C is weak or blowing warm air

  • You need your A/C recharged constantly

  • Pool of water inside the car (usually on the passenger side)

  • Bad smell coming from the A/C

When a leak is present, the A/C system starts to lose refrigerant and the A/C system will stop working correctly. When this happens it will eventually cause damage to several parts of the system. So fixing the problem sooner rather than later will cost you more money in the long run.

A leak in your system can be caused by:

  • Typical wear and tear over time

  • Moisture in your A/C system

  • Exposure to Road Salt/Brine

  • Physical damage from an accident


How can I find where the leak is?

A refrigerant leak can be a difficult one to spot. There won’t be a puddle under your car because refrigerant evaporates when exposed to the air. The best method to find the leak involves a dye test, which can be performed by your local mechanic. A dye test involves injecting dye into your A/C system to trace where the leak is coming from.

At Superior our technicians will perform a dye test and identify where the leak is coming from. Once identified, they will repair the leaking area. Once fixed, your A/C system is recharged (meaning we refill your refrigerant) so you can enjoy the rest of this hot weather from the cool indoors.

Is your A/C blowing hot air? Schedule for our A/C diagnostic today!

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