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5 Ways You Can Save On Gas

One of the best ways to save money on gas is to keep your car well maintained, but honestly, who has time for that? Admit it, you’ve put off vehicle maintenance at one point or another. Whether it's ignoring a “check engine” light or pushing off that 3 month overdue oil change, keeping a car consistently cared for costs you time AND money. Unfortunately getting your car fixed isn’t the only thing that’s expensive these days…

With gas prices rising, a gas card or app isn’t the only way to save you some money on fuel.

So if you're ready to find some new ways to use less gas and save more cash, here are our top 5 maintenance services that will have your car and bank account thanking you.


5 Maintenance Services That Will Save You Gas

Fuel System Service

1. Fuel System Service

A fuel system service cleans out your vehicle’s fuel system of all the debris, ethanol, and carbon buildup created from burning fuel. A clogged fuel system can damage parts of your engine and will make the engine work harder thus burning more gas than necessary.

Tire Pressure

2. Tire Pressure

Having the right tire inflation can save you money on both gas and tires! Low tire pressure creates drag on your vehicle once again causing your engine to have to make up for what's missing and using up more gas.

Superior Tip!

A wheel alignment can also help you save on gas and tires. Uneven wheels will cause uneven wear on your tires which also creates drag on the vehicle and uses more of your fuel.

Spark Plugs

3. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential to your car's engine performance. They literally “spark” the fuel that then brings the engine to life. Although they may not seem like the most significant maintenance to improve your gas mileage they play the role of starting your engine, and if you have 1 or more spark plugs that are worn, extra fuel consumption is inescapable.

Air Filter

4. Air Filters

Keep your engine breathing with a new air filter. Your air filter protects your engine from dirt and bugs that may be entering your car while driving. A dirty air filter means less air is entering your engine which makes it harder to produce power and will decrease your fuel efficiency.

Oil Change

5. Oil Change

The purpose of an oil change is to make the inner workings of your engine flow easily and smoothly together. As oil ages, it deteriorates which causes friction to build between the moving parts of your engine. A consistent oil change keeps your engine working in harmony, meaning it’s not working more than it has to and is therefore only using the fuel necessary to run.

Superior Tip!

Using the right oil is important in maintaining good fuel efficiency. Putting the wrong oil (one not recommended by the car manufacturer) can result in resistance or friction if too thin and lead to more fuel consumption.


Follow any or all of these tips, whether you do it yourself or bring your car to us, and it will help you make a difference in your vehicle's gas consumption. Here at Superior you can knock out 3 out of the 5 services with a simple 60k service, also known as a tune-up, where we will check your spark plugs, air filter, and fuel system. We will perform any services that may be draining on your fuel economy. We may not be able to change the price of gas, but there are ways to save with the extra care you put into your car.


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